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I performed at SF Sketchfest!


Pacific Crest Comedy Fest!

started a monthly stand up show with Leah Rudick, All Time Favorite!


I appear in the indie "Good Enough" link to iTunes

I appear in the indie "Inside You" - soon to be released.

I will be in a pilot "Benefits with Friends" that premieres at that 2017 NYTVF link to NYTVF selections 

I appear in an episode of "Younger" in a scene with Sutton Foster. link to episode

Season 2 of UNINSPIRED is live! link

UNINSPIRED got a mention in the NY Times  link

UNINSPIRED debuted on Indiewire! link



I appear in a video sketch on Super Deluxe written by Meghan O'Neill. It's super funny! (NSFW)  link

I appear in a couple episodes of the critically acclaimed webseries, The Outs,  available on Vimeo March 30, and you can preorder now. I'm in this trailer. link


Me and Meghan O'Neill won Best Actress (Comedy) at NYTVF. link


I created a webseries with Meghan O'Neill, directed by Ana Veselic called 2 CHANS and it is an official NYTVF 2015 selection, which will premiere in October: link


A film I was in Fort Tilden was just released in selected cities starting August 14. Check it out here : link


A film I was in last summer, 3RD STREET BLACKOUT will premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival. June 13 and 15.

Here's a link for tickets. link 


FORT TILDEN will be released by Orion and you can see it in theaters in August. link

Photo: Mindy Tucker

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